Adolescent Treatment

Orthodontic care is most common in adolescence, or between the ages of 11 and 15. At this point most children have acquired their complete set of permanent teeth, which are the ones that Dr. Davis is able to manipulate and shape into a lasting, healthy smile. Of course, Dr. Davis will only recommend orthodontic treatment to you if it is needed! However, since teeth that develop in a crooked pattern or bad bite generally will not improve with time or growth, adolescence is the preferred time to intervene with treatment.

Since orthodontic treatment usually occurs between ages 11 and 15, it is also most socially acceptable and supported at this time. It tends to be easier for students to go through treatment alongside their peers, and our office becomes another extracurricular bond in which classmates share a mutual participation.

Not only does orthodontic care at this age enable adolescents to enter their maturation period with a beautiful, confident smile, it also has many dental and health benefits. Straight teeth are easier to clean, collecting less plaque and preventing the opportunity for decay and gum disease. Properly aligned teeth alleviate stress on the supporting gum and bone structure, as well as preserving teeth from unbalanced wear. The major benefit of undergoing orthodontic treatment in adolescence is that it sets the individual patient up for a lifetime of easier, less costly dental maintenance, along with a beautiful smile and peace of mind from each of these.

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