Adult Treatment

Straight teeth are healthy teeth, and braces are available to individuals at any age. The time is always right to improve your smile and correct your bite. Braces simply send the message that you care about your teeth, your appearance, and your health. Dr. Davis and his team would like to reinforce the wisdom of this message! We believe in the multi-faceted benefits of orthodontic care and the powerful effect it has on our patients’ overall well-being and confidence.

Furthermore, orthodontics are becoming more convenient than ever to fit into a busy adult life. Improved Damon System technology; including DamonClear braces allow us to make available to you braces that are more comfortable and streamlined to wear, require less maintenance, and help shorten treatment time with fewer office visits.


Dr. Davis is also a certified Invisalign® provider, which provides the option of wearing transparent aligners to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth. Please see our Invisalign® page for more information or visit

Often parents of our younger patients become personally intrigued by orthodontic care after witnessing firsthand the positive transformation of their children. Dr. Davis and his team are happy to conduct a complimentary initial examination for any interested person. After determining your individual needs and goals, we can show you a customized plan with the estimated length and cost of treatment.

A large percentage of our patients are adults, and we often find that they are the most appreciative of the benefits of orthodontic care after having lived longer without them. Dr. Davis and his talented staff know that you are worthy of the best smile and healthiest bite at any age.