Temporary Anchorage Devices

Temporary Anchorage Devices (TAD’s) are small, medical-grade titanium screws that allow Dr. Davis to effectively and quickly move teeth into positions that otherwise might not be possible.

The use and application of TAD’s is easy and comfortable for the patient. TAD’s are implanted between the roots of the teeth, typically with the application of a topical (gel) anesthesia only. This is done with little or no discomfort as there are no nerve endings, and thus no feeling, in the bone where TAD’s are placed.

As they are temporary, TAD’s are removed when they have served their purpose. This procedure is once again completed without the use of needle anesthesia. TAD’s may be required for as short a time as a few months or they may be needed throughout the duration of orthodontic treatment.

Some of the many benefits of using TAD’s include:

  • The movement and placement of teeth into healthy positions that are not otherwise attainable
  • Reduction or elimination altogether of the need for jaw surgery
  • Reduced reliance on patient cooperation
  • Reduced treatment time
  • Greater patient comfort
  • Improved esthetics
  • Potential savings of thousands of dollars by closing spaces caused by missing teeth, eliminating the need for tooth replacement implants or bridges


Day of TAD placement

Day of TAD removal